The Liminal Period – existing betwixt and between.

Career Development Does Not Always Mean Resigning  As counterintuitive as this may sound coming from a recruiter, whose very currency is in people moving between employers! Strategic career development could see you staying where you are for longer than you thought.  My recent sabbatical is what  Hermina Ibarria would describe a “Liminal period”. She defines …

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Reward Matters

What matters most to your employees in terms of reward through these challenging times?   How can your company build the right reward scheme to motivate and excite your employees?  Big questions for a Tuesday morning! Thankfully, at a recent roundtable, we were joined by Mary Robertson, of Reward Matters who identified the key components of …

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The Manager Dynamo

What’s the best approach when it comes to scaling up in your organisation? Which role is most critical in making a difference to the bottom line, to productivity and employee satisfaction? Nick Henley from The Difference Global joined us at last month’s roundtable to share his insights and experiences. Some hard facts: 91% of CEO’s …

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