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Greetings, fellow HR leaders! 
As we stand at the start of a new year, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) that have transformed the HR landscape over the past two years. AI has permeated every aspect of our work, from recruitment and onboarding to training, performance management, and career development. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down. 
In 2024 and beyond, AI is poised to drive the HR function forward in both tactical and strategic ways. It will automate mundane tasks, freeing up our time to focus on more strategic initiatives. It will provide us with data-driven insights to make better decisions about our people. And it will enable us to create personalised experiences for our employees that foster engagement and productivity. 
To fully harness the power of AI, it is important to understand its current state within the HR software market. Here is a brief overview of how AI is improving various aspects of the employee lifecycle: 
Employee Lifecycle 
AI-Driven Improvements 
Software Tools to Explore 
Identify top talent, automate screening, predict candidate fit 
Hiretual, Workable, Glint 
Create personalised onboarding experiences, accelerate time to productivity 
Culture Amp, Ennabl, Eightfold 
Deliver personalised learning paths, measure training effectiveness 
Axonify, Totara, Docebo 
Pay and Benefits 
Analyse compensation data, identify pay inequities, optimise benefits packages 
ADP, Namely, Zenefits 
Performance Management 
Automate performance reviews, provide real-time feedback, predict employee performance 
Betterworks, TINYpulse, 15Five 
Learning and Development 
Recommend relevant learning content, track skill development, personalise learning paths 
LinkedIn Learning, Degreed, Coursera 
Leadership Development 
Identify leadership potential, provide personalised coaching, develop succession plans 
Zenger Folkman, BenchPrep, DDI 
Career Planning  
Provide career guidance, match skills to opportunities, identify career paths 
PathSource, Eightfold, LinkedIn 
As AI continues to evolve, it will also drive several key trends in HR: 
Building a company-wide skills ontology: AI will help us create a comprehensive understanding of the skills and competencies needed for success in our organizations. This will enable us to make better decisions about talent acquisition, development, and deployment. 
Rethinking recruitment and employee success: AI will help us move away from traditional CV-based hiring and instead focus on skills and experience. This will enable us to identify and hire the best talent, regardless of their background or education. 
Accelerating data comprehension and storytelling: AI will help us make sense of the vast amounts of data we collect about our employees. This will enable us to tell compelling stories about the impact of our HR programs on our business. 
Providing C-suite insights: AI will give us the ability to provide real-time insights and recommendations to our C-suite leaders. This will help them make better decisions about the future of our organisations. 
Designing next-generation HR programs: AI will enable us to design and deliver HR programs that are tailored to the specific needs of our organisations and employees. This will help us achieve our business goals more effectively. 
The proliferation of AI-powered HR software tools can be overwhelming. But instead of focusing on finding the "best" tool, we should focus on identifying the business problems we need to solve. AI can then help us find the right tools to solve those problems quickly, effectively, and at a reasonable price. 
As HR leaders, we must embrace the coming tsunami of AI. By upskilling ourselves, capturing and curating useful data, and learning to interpret our dashboards and reports, we can make the leap into a whole new relationship with our C-suite leadership. We can finally become the initiative-taking, predictive, and high-impact providers of insights that our organisations need to thrive in the years to come. 
Let us seize this opportunity together and shape the future of HR with AI! 

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