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Jane & Harriet 
I want you to complete both the tasks below. You MUST commit to this and ‘Be in the zone’. 
1) Spend 30 minutes today watching Covid-19 related news (you can choose your channel of preference) 
2) Spend 30 minutes today doing something productive (exercise, writing a blog, smashing that ‘to-do list’) 
After each activity, write down how you feel. 
I did exactly this and after completing experiment number 1, I genuinely had a tight chest and lots of anxiety. I started to question a lot of things and every thought I had was of a defensive and protective nature. After completing experiment number 2 (drafting this blog), I felt a sense of accomplishment, a little bit of fulfilment and more in control of my feelings. Lastly, my wife who is also working from home, no longer wants to send me to my room! 
The reality of our situation is that the world is in a bit of a jumble right now, let’s not paint it to be something it isn’t. As human beings, it’s natural to want to feel in control of our environment but we have all been thrown a huge curveball. It seems we’re all starting to do ok with physically distancing ourselves from one another. Round of applause by the way!! BUT, perhaps we are realising how important it is to maintain that all important social interaction. 
At Trapeze HR we have always had a good mix of office and home working and it has set us up very well for this scenario. We’re connecting over Zoom, facetime & phone calls fairly often, which builds momentum and a feeling of togetherness. Try setting up a 20-minute call with your colleagues with one rule, no one can mention work related activity, it takes you to some extraordinary places and really gets the energy going. 
I’ve seen a lot of posts talking about business as usual, I disagree. We are in completely uncharted territory here, learning to adapt to this new way of working and running with it, is what will get us through this. 
So, please try the experiment above and let me know how you feel. 
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Chris Macdonald, Managing Consultant  
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