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The pros and cons of agile working

Agile working has long been embraced by many businesses, it can take many forms, including earlier or later start and finish times, working remotely, consolidated hours (usually where the hours worked over five days are condensed into four longer days), ...
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Embracing flexible working – three New Year resolutions for business

Now the Christmas festivities are over and we’ve welcomed in 2019, thoughts are no doubt turning to New Year Resolutions. Often these are about things we intend to do more of in order to improve our lives in the coming ...
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How do I find a mentor?

There is a well-used quote that pretty much sums up the power of mentoring. “If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.” You may hear repeatedly that gaining a mentor can accelerate ...
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Trapeze HR – Our journey so far…

Trapeze HR was launched in June 2018, so we have just completed our 6th month of trading and we were keen to share what we’ve been up to and to say a huge thank you. Having worked together previously for ...
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All I want for Christmas is a part time job…… (how can I increase my chances?)

Whether you have a young family, are caring for elderly relatives or have other reasons, for many people working full time is not an option. How can you increase your chances of finding a part time position? 1. Be Clear Be clear on ...
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The future of flex – can organisations really afford to stand still?

UK organisations are facing some challenging times and ensuring you have the competitive edge is becoming a key focus. Flexible working is often referred to as a potential panacea but are we truly making the most of flexible working? The ...
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3 Steps to getting a flexible job: 3 smashing it at interview

This is the third and final in a series of linked blogs covering the key steps to getting a flexible job. In the first we looked at how to craft a winning CV; in the second we considered how you ...
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‘Mum Guilt’….do you carry a small or a large rucksack?

Recently I’ve read a lot of articles on ‘Mum Guilt’. A lot of them tend to talk about guilt in the context of mums going out to work, and the guilt of juggling family time with working life. One even ...
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3 Steps to getting a flexible job: 2 working with your recruitment consultant

This is the second in a series of three linked blogs covering the key steps to getting a flexible job. In the first I offered advice on how to craft a winning CV; and this second considers how to create ...
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How to regain your confidence after a career break

Job-hunting after an extended career break can knock the stuffing out of even the most self-assured professionals. Many would-be returnees convince themselves that the long period away has somehow magically erased their skills. Flexible employment can seem particularly out of ...
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Is interim management the route to a flexible career?

One of the main reasons I handed in my notice 12 years ago and set up as an interim can be summed up in one word – flexibility.  I didn’t have children so had no right to request flexible working.   ...
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10 years as a job share: how we changed employers as a partnership

We have been working ‘together’ as a successful job share partnership for 10 years.  As we look back over this time, we feel proud of achieving this milestone, but never for a second thought the journey together would last quite ...
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Ethical – a strong moral compass
Brave – courage of convictions

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