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How to regain your confidence after a career break

Job-hunting after an extended career break can knock the stuffing out of even the most self-assured professionals. Many would-be returnees convince themselves that the long period away has somehow magically erased their skills. Flexible employment can seem particularly out of ...
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Is interim management the route to a flexible career?

One of the main reasons I handed in my notice 12 years ago and set up as an interim can be summed up in one word – flexibility.  I didn’t have children so had no right to request flexible working.   ...
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10 years as a job share: how we changed employers as a partnership

We have been working ‘together’ as a successful job share partnership for 10 years.  As we look back over this time, we feel proud of achieving this milestone, but never for a second thought the journey together would last quite ...
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Are part-time employees more productive than full-timers and if so, what lessons can we all learn

OK - a hand grenade of a question but it’s one that’s often thrown about. I think the more interesting question, if it is true (and for me personally it was), is why? I read an article in HBR recently ...
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3 Steps to getting a flexible job: 1 creating a winning CV

This is the first of three linked blogs discussing the key steps to getting a flexible job. Since everything starts with your CV today’s blog considers how you can make yours a winning one. There’s a widely held – and ...
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What are your best tips for juggling work and home?

Everyone has them – the golden tips they pass on to friends and colleagues – and I mean everyone for it’s not just parents. Everyone is juggling something and we can all learn from each other. I’m betting as you ...
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The changing work-life balance needs of men

Since they have traditionally shouldered the burden of caring responsibilities the quest for work-life balance has been seen as a women’s issue. Increasingly, however, as the expectations of younger fathers change, men are also facing challenges in balancing work and ...
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Is email damaging your work-life balance?

Research released at the end of last month reignited the debate about the place of emails in our working lives. According to Dr Juliet Jain more than half the 5,000 commuters she spoke to were using their train’s wifi to ...
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Seven steps to negotiating a flexible working arrangement

Seven steps to negotiating a flexible working arrangement We know that access to flexible working can be a way to reduce pay gaps and help women progress. Legislation exists allowing qualifying employees to ask for flexible working and most organisations ...
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Is flexible working good for your health?

The health of employees is a growing concern for HR, or it should be, due to the obvious impact that health has on sickness levels, productivity and ultimately on attrition. Interestingly, recent research in social psychology has identified causal links ...
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How HR can support flexible working in organisations

Four ways HR Specialists can support flexible working in their organisation If you’re reading this blog on the Trapeze HR website the chances are you’re already convinced that flexible working is a good thing. Sadly, other members of your organisation ...
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Why working flexibly boosts productivity

While there is considerable research to suggest the majority of employees (of all ages) want to work flexibly, resistance among employers remains. Many view offering flexibility as a concession to staff rather than a business benefit. This can pose a ...
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