Trapeze HR is a specialist Human Resources recruiter. We cover senior interim, contract & permanent hires, both full & part time.

With operational HR & Recruitment backgrounds of our own, our unique approach is underpinned by first hand experience, coupled with our ability to build strong, long-term relationships, with the knowledge that we provide an exceptional service to all.

With demonstrable capability partnering small to medium sized businesses, we can tailor our offering to ensure a bespoke solution to support you in shaping the success of your organisation.

High calibre HR professionals, expertly picked.

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Onboarding Coaching – reduce recruitment costs and make sure your good people stay

Recruiting senior management is a considerable time and money investment and getting it right, or wrong, can make a massive difference to your organisation and its reputation - both internally and externally. People are usually the most significant cost centre ...
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Where do I find the meaning in my work?

The study of what we understand as modern psychology and specifically how to help people with psychological disorders has been on-going for nearly 150 years.  In the 1990’s, nearly 100 years after it started, attention turned to understanding how normally ...
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Nine tips for combatting ageism at work

There is still work to be done on combatting ageism at work. Now that I am back in full time work and closer in age to 50 than 40, I feel a responsibility to be a spokesperson for the importance ...
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How coaching can support the different generations in the workplace

The average workplace will now include people from up to five different generations.  That’s five different sets of childhood experiences, societal norms, cultural references and likes and dislikes.  From Traditionalists, born before 1945, to the incoming Generation 2020s, born after ...
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Managing the chaos of change

There’s been a recurring theme in my coaching work over the last month.  What surprised me was that it emerged in contexts as diverse as coaching a start up, a group and a client.  The theme was the messiness and ...
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Small business & the future of work

Does your business offer flexible working, if so, what does this look like for you? Change is here - People are changing, we’re waking up to the fact that we don’t have to conform to working the way we always ...
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Business leaders: here are five reasons why you should invest time in social media

1. Your employees. They look up to you and want to know your view on things. Not just formal results announcements and heavily edited PR messages. They don’t just want to read the company social media pages, they want to ...
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Five ways HR practitioners can help line managers of employees taking extended leave

As HR practitioners we know better than most, how much line managers vary in their skill, attitude and willingness to invest in leading their teams. Even if your organisation has implemented a host of progressive policies to help women and ...
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Our future is flex

Jane and Harriet are a year into Trapeze HR. Much is written about the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself and they now share whether they miss anything about working for someone else and the best part of being ...
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Our journey to Trapeze HR

With the wealth of HR and recruitment experience that Jane and Harriet have, we now learn more about their drivers and motivations to move away from employed work to set up Trapeze HR. Jane: I have always considered myself to ...
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Is flexible working good for your health?

The health of employees is a growing concern for HR, or it should be, due to the obvious impact that health has on sickness levels, productivity and ultimately on attrition. Interestingly, recent research in social psychology has identified causal links ...
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Meet Trapeze HR: Jane & Harriet – a year in

Trapeze HR is a recruitment consultancy with a difference.  Trapeze HR are a specialist Human Resources focussed recruitment business who partner with forward thinking clients on both full time and flexible hiring requirements. With their combined HR and Recruitment backgrounds, ...
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Company Values

True – be true to yourself
Energetic – agile & dedicated
Empathetic – show your humanity always
Ethical – a strong moral compass
Brave – courage of convictions

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