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Great lockdown unicorn

What do WhatsApp, Groupon, Slack, Instagram, Uber and Pinterest have in common? They were all born during the last recession and many entrepreneurs struggling in the current economic client retain a sliver of hope that their idea will be a ...
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Communicating in a crisis

I’ve learned a lot from working with great communications (comms) marketing and branding professionals. Those experiences have developed my ability to build more effective comms plans to support change, launch tech or get engagement. But, communicating in a crisis? That’s ...
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Trust in remote times

Hiring the right individuals is no longer focused on skillset & technical ability only. This changed long-ago and many employers now use a myriad of psychometrics to ensure cultural fit & management style, as well as highlighting particular characteristic strengths, ...
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Living Through Lockdown: grieving the loss of hopes and expectations

Have you noticed that you and the people around you are experiencing losses as a result of the current situation? As an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Coach and someone who has experienced loss, I know that grief is normal ...
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Struggling with the juggle

Lockdown has placed considerable stress upon working families. In many cases, the lion’s share of caring responsibilities has fallen to women, even when both partners are still working full time. This has had a hugely detrimental effect upon women’s mental ...
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Adapting a plan!

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin A couple of months ago I left John Lewis after 31 ...
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Building resilience in times of adversity

How are you doing today? Feeling overwhelmed, lost or uncertain? Anxious about work, family, yourself? Unsettled or saddened by recent events and how long they might last? You’re not alone. But the good news is that, even in times of ...
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Flexible working – What happens when we get to the other side?

There has long been negative association attached to remote & flexible or agile working, but hopefully this will become a thing of the past once the current COVID-19 cloud has lifted and the risk to health is no longer a ...
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Lockdown – “View from a Room”

As we come to the end of another week in Lockdown, will the word ‘isolation’ start to mean something different to people? offers synonyms like ‘reclusiveness’ and ‘abstinence’. I would now add ‘surrendering’, ‘adaptability’ and ‘discovery’. Lessons to be ...
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Starting a new job role in these strange times

Having worked in Recruitment for 17 years, I have fielded many questions from candidates who are due to start a new role.  Generally these range from “where shall I park my car?” to “should I wear a suit on my ...
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A quick experiment

I want you to complete both the tasks below. You MUST commit to this and ‘Be in the zone’. 1) Spend 30 minutes today watching Covid-19 related news (you can choose your channel of preference) 2) Spend 30 minutes today ...
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Remote working – tips for adjusting quickly

I was due to run a session this week on the challenge’s individuals face when remote working and how to overcome them, with a business who already, very successfully, operate a 100% remote model – the point being we all ...
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True – be true to yourself
Energetic – agile & dedicated
Empathetic – show your humanity always
Ethical – a strong moral compass
Brave – courage of convictions

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