Trapeze specialises in flexible, full and part time recruitment in Human Resources, partnering clients to secure top talent.

Our unique approach is driven by a deep understanding of our areas of specialism & our ability to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients & candidates, combined with the knowledge that we provide an exceptional service to all.

We recognise that with the continued growth of SMEs, today’s businesses aren't always seeking the same thing. With a talent pool stretching across the full time, part time and agile workforce, we'll be able to support you in shaping the success of your organisation.

Trapeze partners with forward thinking businesses, offering tailored hiring solutions, within the permanent, contract and interim markets.

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“What do you think?”

A challenging situation at work propelled me to the door of my boss. I summarised the situation and asked for her advice. In response, she asked “what do you think?”.  I could feel a tightening in my chest and the ...
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Life as a Standalone Flexible Working HR Manager

I try to get to the office early usually between 8 and 8.30am, so I can read the 20 to 30 emails that have arrived since my last working day. This time is often interrupted by other early birds who ...
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Using networking to your advantage after a career break

You have had a long career break and the thought of going back to work might feel exciting or perhaps a bit daunting. Where do you start? How do you get that job? Networking is defined as the action or ...
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How to FLEX your Future

With longer working lives, uncertain life paths and the unsettling rise of AI, the only thing we can be sure of is that we will need to flex, adapt and cope with change. What skills should we develop for more ...
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Handball: 8 lessons for corporate teams

Sport is one of the best analogies to work with in coaching, when discussing how to manage teams successfully. Let’s get some tips from handball! I grew up with handball – played for 8 years, sometimes in 2-3 teams at the ...
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Gentle Masculinity & Belonging

Gentle Masculinity Soft and gentle are not words that you often hear being associated with men. Masculinity is more typically felt to mean being hard and tough. Pushy, angry and dominating. Not letting your guard down. Society distills this testosterone into ...
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Tango: 6 lessons for Leadership

Most business professionals come to coaching because they want to be amazing leaders, regardless of their level. In the past few years the business world started agreeing on the definition of leadership with the help of popular names in the ...
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Is your business ready for the off-payroll rules?

A number of my clients have been asking me about the off-payroll rules.  I have considered the issues set out below from an employment lawyer’s perspective – although clearly there are separate tax implications to be taken into account too. ...
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Onboarding Coaching – reduce recruitment costs and make sure your good people stay

Recruiting senior management is a considerable time and money investment and getting it right, or wrong, can make a massive difference to your organisation and its reputation - both internally and externally. People are usually the most significant cost centre ...
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Where do I find the meaning in my work?

The study of what we understand as modern psychology and specifically how to help people with psychological disorders has been on-going for nearly 150 years.  In the 1990’s, nearly 100 years after it started, attention turned to understanding how normally ...
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Nine tips for combatting ageism at work

There is still work to be done on combatting ageism at work. Now that I am back in full time work and closer in age to 50 than 40, I feel a responsibility to be a spokesperson for the importance ...
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How coaching can support the different generations in the workplace

The average workplace will now include people from up to five different generations.  That’s five different sets of childhood experiences, societal norms, cultural references and likes and dislikes.  From Traditionalists, born before 1945, to the incoming Generation 2020s, born after ...
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