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What will hybrid working look like in the future?

Hybrid working has been a hot topic for many years, but since March 2020, it has become a poignant conversation for those in HR positions. The pandemic forced a lot of businesses to evaluate how they were operating, from the ...
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Sustainability and the role of HR

Sustainability and HR in recent years have coexisted within organisations, and today's workforce is rightfully demanding that sustainability is in the peripherals of HR executives and board members’ minds. Back in 2019, CIPD posted an interesting think-piece on sustainability in ...
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Why use a specialist HR recruiter?

I recently went through the rather strange process of hiring for my own role and had the pleasure of working with Jane and Harriet at Trapeze as a part of that.  We advertised it directly, of course, and I found ...
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Gentle masculinity & belonging

Gentle Masculinity Soft and gentle are not words that you often hear being associated with men. Masculinity is more typically felt to mean being hard and tough. Pushy, angry and dominating. Not letting your guard down. Society distills this testosterone into ...
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Are recruitment KPIs hindering diversity efforts?

A successful in-house recruiter keeps costs down and fills roles quickly. But what if those same KPIs are actually working against the brands own D&I strategy? What if these measures of ‘success’ are actually hindering efforts to bring more individuals ...
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Follow the leader

No one has ever said that leadership was easy and no one could have predicted the challenges that COVID-19 would have brought.  What skills will business owners and leaders need to equip themselves to meet the challenges of the modern ...
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How to make home working work for you

Many of us have been working from home for a year now and whilst there are of course benefits (e.g. no commute, more family time, perhaps some flexibility) there are also downsides and finding inspiration and motivation without the social ...
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Leading when you’re exhausted

Many business owners got through the first wave of CV19 on mix of adrenaline, unseasonable sunshine and gin. Summer hove into view and it felt like we were over the worst. Then winter hit. From a leadership perspective, this time ...
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Avoiding long-term absence with tailored long-term mental health interventions

During two decades of working with organisations, I have found there to be one central, incontrovertible fact: people, an organisation’s principle asset, are strong, robust and resilient.  They are also fragile, sensitive and, well, human.  I’ve seen people work at ...
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Are you ready for the hybrid workplace?

What is meant by a hybrid workplace - A hybrid work offering essentially allows employees to operate from both the office and a remote location, usually one’s home.  This means that the onsite office requires more of a skeletal staff ...
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2021 – people matters

Here’s to a Happy and Prosperous Year ahead! With this in mind, we thought it would benefit our community to share themes and trends from our series of 2020 roundtables, to digest as you look to the new year with ...
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Five things 2020 has taught me – The Recruitment Coach

When New Year arrived on 1st January 2020 I was with family, taking time out from planning our upcoming move from London to Singapore. Looking back now it shows me we never know what is round the corner. We can’t ...
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True – be true to yourself
Energetic – agile & dedicated
Empathetic – show your humanity always
Ethical – a strong moral compass
Brave – courage of convictions

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