Trapeze HR – Our journey so far…

Trapeze HR was launched in June 2018, so we have just completed our 6th month of trading and we were keen to share what we’ve been up to and to say a huge thank you. Having worked together previously for the best part of 3 years in our last company, we decided in early summer, the time had come to head out into the market “solo”, to really get to grips with the growing number of SME businesses who had recognised they needed some form of HR support …..but what that might look like they didn’t know!

Working independently has been hugely liberating, enabling us to invest time with clients to really understand their company dynamics, cultures & values, as well as what they required in often, their first HR hire. We’re proud to have received brilliant feedback from both clients and candidates we’ve worked with so far; we strive to be different and hope our values shine through in everything we do.

It goes without saying that it’s been a learning experience for us both (as anyone who has set up a business will agree); we set out thinking we could & should do everything ourselves, you name it – branding, IT, website, accounting, – which caused many headaches & late nights with our laptops (not to mention glasses of wine/nibbles by our side). As our journey has progressed, we have certainly realised our strengths and have now established some great partnerships with some superb outsourced providers – we’ve finally come to our senses!

Overwhelmed with the support from our network and further afield about what we are doing; the amount of people who have provided blogs for the website has been fabulous and we have therefore been able to offer a broad range of thought-provoking articles from those in the know!

We’ve been thrilled to have partnered with some exceptional clients, on senior HR searches across a range of sectors including cyber security, sport, retail, creative, fintech & tech. The Trapeze HR “club” of placed candidates now numbers more than a dozen members and the ‘congratulatory new job’ chocolate brownies have gone down a storm! We are delighted to have supported these talented individuals in finding their flexible HR role in dynamic, entrepreneurial, Challenger businesses.

Many thanks to those clients who have entrusted us with these senior leadership hires – the autonomy given and the trust placed in us, has been hugely rewarding.

Have a super festive season and a healthy 2019!

Company Values

True – be true to yourself
Energetic – agile & dedicated
Empathetic – show your humanity always
Ethical – a strong moral compass
Brave – courage of convictions

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Registered Office:
Cambridge House
16 High Street
Saffron Walden
CB10 1AX

Registration Number: 04091980

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