Interim Recruitment

At Trapeze we offer the services of experienced Interim professionals within HR at a Senior level. This is the ideal solution for many businesses in a variety of scenarios.


What will an interim do for my business?

Interim professionals are normally used to lead a change or transformation programme, to fill a gap in the senior leadership team (due to sickness or other leave or a change in staffing), or to bring a skill or area of expertise you don’t have in your current team. An Interim professional is often seen as an objective point of view, who is removed from the internal politics of an organisation. For this reason, their experience and opinion can be extremely useful.

Is an Interim the same as a temp?

Temporary is generally a term used for someone who is employed on an hourly rate to undertake a specific task. The key word here is employed, as the temporary will be paid on a PAYE basis.

Interims work for their own Limited company or an umbrella company and usually work on a daily rate providing their expertise and services for a defined purpose, project or outcome.

When can an Interim be used?

Interims are most useful in short to medium-term situations. This is most common when in a period of change or transition such as when an organisation is opening a new market or acquiring a new subsidiary. They are also useful when managing a one-off project or being the intermediary between a member of staff leaving, and their permanent replacement as well as covering leave for an employee.

What if I want to hire the Interim person permanently?

Many of our Interims are also open to permanent opportunities and this creates an ideal “try before you buy” situation for both parties. In the past our interim candidates have successfully been hired as permanent employees and we are always delighted to negotiate on a permanent contract on your behalf.


What’s the difference between an Interim and a Management Consultant?

On the surface, both Interims and Management Consultants share many of the same roles and responsibilities. But there are a number of benefits that come with hiring an interim over a Management Consultant.

Interims work for themselves whereas Management Consultants work for a Management Consultant agency so Management Consultants would benefit from recommending their agency’s additional services.

This also means that Management Consultants report to an agency, which can create a conflict of interest, an Interim however, reports and is directly accountable to the business.

Overall, Interims offer a more objective, complete & tailored service.

How much does it cost to hire an Interim?

Interims tend to operate via their own LTD company or an umbrella company (see notes on IR35 relating to this) and would be paid a daily rate.

This daily rate can vary dependent upon the role they are undertaking. The average day rate can be between £400 – £1,200 per day.

If you opt to hire an Interim permanently a conversion fee is usually payable if you have used a Recruitment firm.

Read notes on IR35 relating to Interim Hire.


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