I recently went through the rather strange process of hiring for my own role and had the pleasure of working with Jane and Harriet at Trapeze as a part of that. 
We advertised it directly, of course, and I found myself up to my eyeballs in CVs. We needed someone in urgently, but given the level of the role, the only people who were able to vet CVs or interview candidates were me and the COO – both of whom were incredibly busy. On top of that, I was very clear about the kind of person I wanted culturally, they had to be the right sort of personality for the company, and that was very hard to identify from CVs alone – we were facing weeks of interviews, weeks we really didn’t have. 
Talking to Jane and Harriet was a massive relief – not something I thought I would ever say about recruiters! They asked all the right questions and got an excellent grasp of the sort of person we wanted after one conversation – no mean feat given the cultural requirements. On top of that, their network was so extensive that they already knew candidates who might be able to join within our very tight timescales. 
In just two weeks, they were able to pull together a longlist of strong candidates, interview them, hone that list down and present us with 5 really good options. We had assumed that we would need to find interim cover for the role, which would have cost a fortune – instead, given the speed and quality of output from Trapeze, we didn’t need one. 
Throughout the process, Jane and Harriet kept in close contact with us and the communication was excellent. They are genuinely friendly and helpful – there’s no sales spiel or nonsense, it felt like they were part of the team and we were just working together to find the right person. They have known many of their candidates for years, which really helps them identify who would be a good fit for the company. I really enjoyed working with Trapeze and would do so again in a heartbeat. 
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Cathy Dearson is Head of People and Learning at Inviqa https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathydearson/ 
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