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Jane & Harriet 
Hiring the right individuals is no longer focused on skillset & technical ability only. This changed long-ago and many employers now use a myriad of psychometrics to ensure cultural fit & management style, as well as highlighting particular characteristic strengths, as part of their hiring strategy. 
I’d confidently say that character & personality are higher on the Trapeze HR measures when it comes to building our team, than technical capability. You can train & develop someone on how to ‘do the do’, but you can’t teach them to share beliefs & values – these are innate. It’s a fact. 
We have an unlimited holiday policy at Trapeze and each member of the team works from home a minimum of two days a week – this starts in their first week with us. If we didn’t truly trust each of them, this just wouldn’t be viable. 
Trust, in my view, is one of the key-principles employers look for when hiring. In this current climate, this attribute will be valued more greatly than ever before – with a dispersed, remote workforce. 
Any manager who has historically believed that the only way to deliver work, is by being seen & present, behind a desk in the office, will surely be finding this new way of working, very uncomfortable. 
If, however Trust is a principle you have nurtured (given and received), from the outset, then today’s working practices won’t be of too much concern. When individuals share values and belief in the goals of a business, the sense of being ‘in it together’, will only encourage people to succeed. Being relied upon, with an integral part to play, won’t be affected by whether they are physically in the same room or not. 
There is no doubt about it – loyalty, engagement, respect and therefore results, are driven by Trust. If this is a pillar you’ve hired against and one that is shared across your business, then is it not possible to see a different future, in terms of how and where your teams work? 
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