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Jane & Harriet 
With the wealth of HR and recruitment experience that Jane and Harriet have, we now learn more about their drivers and motivations to move away from employed work to set up Trapeze HR. 
Jane: I have always considered myself to be solutions orientated. So, when I experienced the frustration of not being able to find a flexible role, I decided being my own boss would be the answer and sourced work through my financial services network, to achieve the balance I was looking for. I wanted to see my children for more than thirty minutes a day as well as furthering my career. I wanted a balance which just wasn’t being offered by employers at that time. 
Harriet: Having been a ‘returner’ following maternity leave and finding my job search limiting and frustrating, due to my desire for flexible working, I realised there was a need for education in the market. Seeking flexibility in a role does not make an employee any less valuable or delivery focused. In fact, I believe flexible working makes employees work smarter and as a result they are also more focussed. I’m a passionate person in all I do, inside and outside of work and I’m values driven and led. I desired freedom to work ‘my’ way and having worked with Jane, who also shares my values set, the opportunity felt right. 
Jane and Harriet both demonstrated such fantastic drive and determination to achieve flexibility when their corporate roles could not offer this. They now share the most valuable skills they learnt in their corporate career, that they couldn’t be without now. 
Jane: Determination and resilience is what I have taken with me through my career which I first learnt in investment banking and hospitality. Investment banking environments can be tough and the emotional resolve I learnt from this time, taught me how to cope when things got challenging. 
I also want my daughters to learn first and foremost, that focussing and not giving up, is as important as doing brilliantly first time round and the sense of achievement gained from a long struggle is more heartening than an easy win. I like the idea that my daughters will look at their mother as someone who had the courage and passion to go out and do something she believes in. 
Harriet: My corporate career has taught me to have confidence in my abilities. When others were telling me how well I’d done, I’d always feel I could have done better – this of course is a positive mantra but my lack of self belief often took over and hindered me from trying new things and pushing my boundaries. 
Taking the leap into setting up Trapeze HR and seeing how far we have come in such a short period of time, has been a huge confidence boost and encourages me to push those boundaries even further. 
Next time we hear about Jane and Harriet’s experiences of working for themselves and their advice for others thinking of doing the same. 
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