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What is meant by a hybrid workplace? A hybrid work offering essentially allows employees to operate from both the office and a remote location, usually one’s home.  
This means that the onsite office requires more of a skeletal staff at any one time, with employees having the flexibility to base themselves where they wish – with some businesses following a fixed pattern and others giving more flexibility with ‘on the day’ preferences accommodated. Most organisations tend to operate a defined pattern, guaranteeing that teams are brought together for both knowledge sharing & creativity as well as connectivity, which in turn enhances well-being. 
With so much noise around hybrid working, we’ve created a checklist for consideration – to ensure you’ve covered the basics: 
Have you engaged with your employees and asked how they’d like to work? The hybrid approach won’t appeal to everyone with many of the younger generation for example, preferring to work amongst peers, from a base separate from their home. Listen to your people! 
What do your employees need to ensure productivity? Does their current home set-up promote and enable them to achieve? Do they have both the tools and resources, and is the business equipped to support remote connectivity? 
Have you considered the benefits hybrid working brings both for your organisation and for individuals? 
Research has proved that both brand attraction and retention of employees is higher in businesses offering a flexible working model 
With greater autonomy and accountability, studies indicate higher levels of productivity, measured via output 
Positive impacts to health & well-being – gaining an average of 2 hours a day, without the pressure of a commute, employees are immediately given one of the most precious gifts – time! 
Do you need to reconsider your office environment? With a reduced collective workforce, could you re-define your physical environment, to echo the value employees will place on it? For example, factoring in design for spontaneous water-cooler/coffee machine moments to enhance social interaction and breakout space for team building opportunities 
Considerate communication: The approach and style of delivery for such an impactful change is integral to the success of “buy-in”. Leaders need to thoughtfully consider equality; some may not be able to practically work from home and others may thrive in a busy office environment, promoting better mental health. 
We @trapezehr.com have in-depth knowledge of the HR profession from first-hand experience of working in HR ourselves. Get in touch if we can support with any flexible or full time HR recruitment needs or simply to hear more about how could partner. 
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