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Jane & Harriet 
Whether you have a young family, are caring for elderly relatives or have other reasons, for many people working full time is not an option. How can you increase your chances of finding a part time position? 
1. Be Clear 
Be clear on what you are suited to, what you want and what will work for you. Spend time on this. Self-Analysis is a crucial step towards getting career transition right. People are also more likely to help you if you know exactly what you want. 
2. Use your Network 
Re connect and meet with people. Can you meet up with new and old contacts? Also, can you re connect with people that you used to work for to see if there are any opportunities available? 
3. Get out there 
Be visible, talk to people, apply for jobs and join groups. Unfortunately, this part time position will not come knocking on your door you need to put the work in. 
4. Join Agencies 
Join agencies that specialise in part time positions. They know where the openings are. Build a relationship with your key recruiter. For HR part time roles Trapeze HR should be top of your list! www.trapezehr.com 
5. LinkedIn 
Make sure you are on LinkedIn, that your profile is complete and contains key words that would be found on your ideal job spec. Join Groups and use the jobs and company search facilities. For more information on how to stand out and for technical tips visit https://www.transitionpeak.com/our-modules/ 
6. Media 
Keep an eye on the traditional media The Guardian/Times/Telegraph and other publications and trade magazines who advertise part time positions. 
7. Job boards/search Engines/Companies 
Look for all those part time sites and resources where opportunities may be. Ask others in your field who they would recommend. 
8. Research 
I cannot emphasise enough how much research you should do during your career transition. Research the industry, the market, companies, jobs, individuals. The more knowledgeable you are the more impressive you will appear. 
9. Further courses or qualifications 
Could this be the right time to increase your knowledge and in doing so make you more attractive. If you have had time out refresh your IT skills. 
10. Gain Work Experience 
Can you gain some relevant work experience? Volunteer, temporary or contract work. Recent, relevant experience will improve your chances moving forward. 
11. Testimonials and recommendations 
Can anyone in your network recommend you to useful contacts. On LinkedIn make sure you have testimonials so people can read about how brilliant you are. 
12. Interview well 
Make sure you interview well. That you are completely prepared and that you have had practice. 
13. Get the correct support at home 
If you have younger children or elderly to look after, make sure that you have the right support. Having that support, will give you and your employer confidence this will work. 
14. Offer companies an alternative set up 
Can you double up with someone who has a similar skillset or can complement your expertise? You could present yourselves as a full-time package – a neat job share. 
15. Demonstrate your skills and capabilities confidently and professionally 
Focus on what the employer needs and communicate why you are a good match. Can you quantify your achievements to demonstrate this (e.g. implemented 30% cost saving scheme) so people are in no doubt how capable you are. 
With a clear career transition plan, achieving that exciting part time role can be closer than you think. 
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