Month: June 2020

Why lego is the key to effective operations and opportunity in Covid

As we approach the much-heralded new norm, businesses ready themselves to return to some semblance of business as usual.  However, those business that settle for this, will have failed to have grasped the huge opportunities that Covid in its wild, merciless shake up of the world has paradoxically provided. For now, is not the time …

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The new normal

“The new normal”; it’s a phrase being coined across the whole world right now. But, as we navigate our way through the current global pandemic, what does “the new normal” really mean? How do we learn from the past to create a future with a more meaningful and fulfilling work-life balance? The 9-5, eight-hour working …

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Great lockdown unicorn

What do WhatsApp, Groupon, Slack, Instagram, Uber and Pinterest have in common? They were all born during the last recession and many entrepreneurs struggling in the current economic client retain a sliver of hope that their idea will be a winner born in the Great Lockdown.   I find it very cheering thinking about the entrepreneurial …

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Communicating in a crisis

I’ve learned a lot from working with great communications (comms) marketing and branding professionals. Those experiences have developed my ability to build more effective comms plans to support change, launch tech or get engagement. But, communicating in a crisis? That’s daunting. So what do we do? How’s it best to communicate now? Whilst every business …

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