Month: September 2018

Is email damaging your work-life balance?

Research released at the end of last month reignited the debate about the place of emails in our working lives. According to Dr Juliet Jain more than half the 5,000 commuters she spoke to were using their train’s wifi to deal with work emails; and others were using their own mobile phone connections to do the same.

Seven steps to negotiating a flexible working arrangement

We know that access to flexible working can be a way to reduce pay gaps and help women progress. Legislation exists allowing qualifying employees to ask for flexible working and most organisations have relevant policies. However, negotiating flexibility can still be challenging – particularly as you move up the career ladder.

Is flexible working good for your health?

The health of employees is a growing concern for HR, or it should be, due to the obvious impact that health has on sickness levels, productivity and ultimately on attrition. Interestingly, recent research in social psychology has identified causal links between mental health issues and the flexibility of people’s work schedules.

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